The Student Company embodies the goal of The Ballet Institute to give its students every opportunity to develop artistically and technically, while also bringing the love and understanding of the art form to as many audiences as possible.
-Cynthia Dragoni.

The Student Company:

The student company are the main dancers in our upcoming performance series of abridged classical ballets. The year 2019/2020 series will include: The Firebird, The Nutcracker, Swan Lake and more. They will also perform alongside professional dancers in the Ballet Institute Salon Series performances where they’ll be a part of original works.


They must be in level B1 or above, be at least 8 years old and are expected to commit to 4 or more classes a week and they will have added performance opportunities. Once they have met their minimum class requirement, company dancers may take additional ballet classes in the levels below them or if their teacher approves, with the level above, at no additional cost (does not include Tap, Language or other programs).They are considered ambassadors of the art form and are expected to conduct themselves as professional dancers and set an example to their fellow students. Student Company Tuition Merit Scholarships (by audition): Student Company dancers will all benefit from our merit scholarship program. For school year 2019/2020 Student Company tuition is subsidized by Ballet Institute fundraising efforts at $1600 per school year ($800 per semester) per company member.

.To schedule an audition please contact us at:

Students who show an interest and aptitude for teaching can apply to do an apprentice year.