Important Dates for 2019/2020 School Year

Fall Semester September 9- January 17
Spring Semester January 21- May 23
SEPT 9 Fall Semester begins
SEPT 30–OCT 1 Rosh Hashanah (no regular class)
OCT 9 Yom Kippur (no regular class)
OCT 14 Columbus Day (no regular class)
NOV 5 Election Day (no regular class)
NOV 11 Veterans Day (no regular class)
NOV 28–30 Thanksgiving Recess (no regular class)
Nutcracker @ The Ardor School December 6, 7, 8th
DEC 24–JAN 5 Winter Recess (no regular class)
January 11 & 12 end of fall semester demonstrations & presentations
JAN 17 Fall Semester Ends
JAN 21 Spring Semester begins
FEB 17–22nd Midwinter Recess (no regular class)
APR 9–18 Spring Recess (no regular class)
End of spring semester demonstrations & presentations May 16 & 17
MAY 23 Spring Semester Ends
–Snow day make up TBD
–No school June 4th and 9th Full Day Ballet Programs
* Pick up program includes early (11:00am / 11:30am) pick up on parent teacher conference half days.

May 28th-June 20th Mini Session Dates. Limited class schedule available.