French has a natural connection with classical ballet, as ballet as we know it was created and codified in France. Which is why, you can study ballet in any country in the world: China, Russia, England and so on, and all of the steps are still called by their French names.

Children’s Program:

These classes are completely immersive in French. Students begin speaking and conversing on the first day of class. They study French grammar, act out scenes, read short stories and sing songs in French. Homework help is given for PS 110’s Dual Language Program program. Classes are appropriate for Francophone and Anglophone children.


3:30-4:30 Age 4.5-6.5***
4:30-5:30 Age 7-11***


3:30-4:30 Age 4.5-6.5***
4:30-5:30 Age 7-11***
***These classes are also part of our school pickup programs.

Parent & Me French age 7+

Would you like to better be able to assist with your child’s French homework? Study French Grammar and conversation with your child in this immersive and engaging class. Children should be age 7+ and is highly recommended for anglophone students and parents in academic Dual Language Programs.




Adult French classes are immersive from day one. If you are an absolute beginner or an advanced student you’ll be speaking and conversing and making progress from the first class to the last. Using the book “Grammaire Progressive du Français, CLE International.

Beginner & Intermediate:
Tuesday 7:15-8:30
Advanced Wednesday
10:00-11:00 & 7:30-8:30