Our students have the opportunity to study costume design and construction from the early levels.

Students learn sewing basics both by hand and with a machine. Using basic stitches they will work with materials that are used in typical ballet costumes. Sessions each have a different theme from a different classical ballet and students will create a relevant section of a costume from the theme of the session. They will keep their creations from each session.

Sewing & Costume Making Schedule:

Monday 3:00-4:00 Age 5-7 hand sewing and costume design

Tuesday 3:30-4:30 Sewing & Costume Making with Machines Beginner & Intermediate Age 8-13

School pickup + sewing options:

Monday: Sewing + Ballet Age 5-7
PS 31, 84, 110, 132 & Brooklyn Arbor

Tuesday:  Sewing & Costume Making with Machines Beginner & Intermediate Age 8-13 + Ballet B2 & Student Company
PS 31, 84, 110, 132 & Brooklyn Arbor


Thrilled to welcome Sabrina Levin, professional costume designer and our new sewing teacher!

Sabrina studied at Parsons and MassArt; graduating from MassArt with a BFA in Fashion Design. She studied in Paris at the Fashion Academy Library and Library of Musee des Decoratifs, attended workshops at TI03, Legeron, and Lesage, and visited the YSL Foundation and Prelle.

Sabrina’s designs have been featured in the promotional photoshoot for the 2016 Boston Fashion Week entitled “Platform”, the editorial photoshoot entitled “Color Bombs” in the October 2016 edition of Ellements Magazine, and in the January digital zine for LA based magazine We Are Famous.

She was a contestant/participant in the 2017 Metropolitan Fashion Week Costume Competition in Los Angeles where she won The Producer’s Choice Award.

Sabrina is currently residing in New York, working on a new collection as part of a brand re-launch, working as assistant costume designer to Catherine Zehr at Ballets with a Twist and lead sewing instructor for The Ballet Institute New York.