“If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something,write about it. If you want to master something, teach it.”

― Yogi Bhajanrs.


Work-study: Students in level B2 and above are eligible to apply for work-study positions. They can assist in younger level classes where they will be expected to set an excellent example for the younger dancers and to help wherever necessary in the class in partial exchange for their tuition. Work-study should always be in addition to and never instead of their regularly scheduled classes.

Students who show an interest and aptitude for teaching can apply to do an apprentice year.

Teaching Apprentice Year: 

We would like to see our students hone as many skills relevant to their industry as they are inspired to do. The dancer who has been diligently training for 4-10 years but is still a student, already has much she or he can offer to the beginner and intermediate student and it isin her interest to begin to develop her skills as a communicator of her craft.Apprentice teachers will work closely with one of The Ballet Institute’s main teachers, this person would be a mentor and a guide while the apprentice is under their care. They’ll learn the order of priorities when molding a young dancer’s technique. They’ll be given a syllabus for levels beginner through advanced. They’ll assist in classes for each level and make sure that the students in the class are focusing on the most important corrections. They will at set points during the semester, conduct a portion of a class from each level. By the end of the year they’ll teach one class from each level, this will serve as a “test” class for the apprentice teacher, so that their mentor can see if she has absorbed the syllabus and philosophies given toher during the course of the year. By the end of the apprentice’s year, she will have a thorough understanding of the principles of teaching classical ballet and she’ll be able to apply those principles throughout all levels as she grows and is ready to take on higher and higher level students.


To apply for Work-Study position or a Teaching Apprentice year please email: contact@balletinstitute.org

Students who show an interest and aptitude for teaching can apply to do an apprentice year.