The Ballet Institute aims to bring the highest levels of classical ballet training to as many promising talents as possible. 


Daily ballet technique, pointe, acting for dancers, dance history, choreography composition, French language, costume design and costume making, in addition to rehearsals for regular student performances that are offered to the public. In a focused and inspired environment the students study the many facets of their heritage as classical ballet dancers.

We recognize the deep power of this depth of training and education.  It is a value that is immeasurable when producing the next generation of ballet artists, along with the next generation of citizens.  IBI fosters education and character in their dancers, preparing them to be truly qualified to take themselves and the art form to the next level of artistic evolution.
Here we seek not only to introduce ballet to potential dancers, but to give those dancers a real chance at developing themselves as multi faceted dance artists and creators.  Once they have developed their own gifts they will be equipped to lead the following generations to their own artistic heights, ensuring the futures of the dancers and the dance.


A ballet class will target many different parts of the body. The arms, legs, back, core muscles, feet and ankles are all strengthened and toned. Regular ballet practice will also improve posture and balance, resulting in a long, lean and elegant figure. 

The physical benefits of  ballet study will become noticeable within a few weeks of regular class attendance.

Strength & Flexibility

Break through your flexibility limits while also gaining strength as a result of frequent and consistent training.


Taking ballet develops an unparalleled depth of focus, one must learn to contain the mind while also controlling the body’s every breath. The work ethic and discipline that a ballet dancer comes to own serves the dancer well beyond the studio.


As the student traverses the impossible, to the difficult, to the mastered step, she learns what it is to confront oneself and one’s perceived limitations. She learns what it means to know ones boundaries and to overcome them.

A diversified ballet education to gifted aspiring dancers, preparing them for careers as performing artists on the highest professional levels.  
Supplementing the program’s artistic and technical studies is the ongoing development of each student’s choreographic voice, starting with the intermediate beginner levels and continuing through the advanced classes. It is our belief that not only must the dancer look for his or her own talent in order to discover it, but so must the dance maker. Original works both with and without themes and narratives will be required throughout every student’s course of study, thus nurturing an aspect inside each young artist that is not commonly tended to in the course of traditional ballet training, inviting the visions of future dance makers to come forward and opening as many pathways as possible to the furthering of the art form itself.
All pathways lay open for them.

37 Greenpoint Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222
Phone: (929) 289-0368